Bronze powder

Bronze powder

Product Name Purity of Metal % Residues on Sieve
Microns (Max)
Covering Capacity Fatty Matter Specific Gravity Applications
74 44 38 Cm2/gm

Flemetal BB-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BB-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BB-03 Rich Gold
Flemetal BB-04 Copper

99.99 10 38 57 2250-2350 0.5 1.6

Textile Dusting
Dye Manufacturing

Flemetal BD-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BD-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BD-03 Rich Gold
Flemetal BD-04 Copper

99.99 6 23 50 2400-2500 0.5 1.6

Dry flower Coating
Litho Dusting
Idol Painting
Screen Painting

Flemetal BSD-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BSD-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BSD-03 Rich Gold
Flemetal BSD-04 Copper

99.99 0.2 23 33 3100-3200 0.5 1.6

Textile Printing
Screen Painting

Flemetal BL-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BL-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BL-03 Rich Gold
Flemetal BL-04 Copper

99.99 1 7 10 3200-3300 0.6 1.6

Textile Printing
Textile Stamping
Spray Painting

Flemetal BSL-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BSL-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BSL-03 Rich Gold

99.99 0.3 14 17 3800-4100 0.6 1.5

Spray Painting
Screen Printing

Flemetal BSIL-01 Pale Gold
Flemetal BSIL-02 Rich Pale Gold
Flemetal BSIL-03 Rich Gold

99.99 0 0.1 0.2 12000-12500 0.7 1.5

Gravure Printing
Paper & Plastic Coating
Ink Manufacturing

  1. Gold Bronze Powder is intended for interior application only.
  2. Bright metallic finish is obtained with coarser grade and smooth metallic finish is obtained with finer grade of gold bronze powder.
  3. Keep the powder away from heat, dust, humidity and chemical fumes.
  4. The article to be bronzed must be clean, dry and free from grease and acidity.
  5. For use in lacquer, first mix the powder with the thinner and then add the lacquer.
  6. Mix the powder and the liquid just before application. Never store in paint form.
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